pawTreats® - The Healthy, Delicious Treats You Can Feel Good About Feeding!





Unlike most dog treats on the market that are made up of empty calories and fillers, and are high in carbohydrates, pawTreats are made with real meat and complementary fruits and vegetables. No fillers whatsoever! They're all natural and completely grain free. Available in freeze-dried or dry-roasted varieties to preserve the goodness of our ingredients.


Product Benefits

Why pawTree® is a better way:

  • Natural, wholesome and holistic
  • No corn, no wheat, no soy
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • No fillers
  • High protein treats
  • Developed by a Veterinarian
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Freeze-Dried Process:

Freeze-dried is the closest to real food that you can get in a shelf stable form. Our freeze-dried treats are minimally processed so all the goodness stays in. First the meat is ground and fruits and vegetables are mixed in. Next, the ingredients are formed into their shape and then frozen. Freeze drying is the process where the product is put into a frozen state and then into a freeze dryer ? a large chamber that is pressurized and takes the meat directly from the frozen state to a dry state (skipping the "wet" state). The product is taken to a very dry level where it is shelf stable, and resistant to rancidity or growth of bacteria or mold.

Dry-Roasted Process:

Dry-roasted treats are similar to jerky treats, The meat is ground and formed and then put into a dry roaster. It takes about 15 hours to fully dehydrate the meat to the proper consistency to meet pawTree's standards. Our dry-roasted treats are 100% meat - 100% goodness.

Join our Treat of the Month Club!

Your dog will receive a special surprise every month. Whether it's a turkey treat in November or a pumpkin treat in October, they'll love the variety. We'll select a nutritious and delicious treat for your pup every month, and have it delivered right to your door. It's a fun surprise for you and your pet. It's also a great gift idea (we can ship to multiple locations).



What Pet Parents are Saying

"There are so many unhealthy dog treats out there - basically junk food for pets - I was determined to find something healthy to feed Max. Max just loves the freeze-dried treats, and I know they're good for him."


"After Coco's last vet visit, I found out that too many carbs makes too much Coco. pawTreats was the perfect solution! I can't wait until Coco's next weigh-in!"