Nutrition is The Foundation of Good Health! It all starts with a Customized Nutrition Plan.


Every dog is unique. Why should they all eat the same thing? The answer is, they shouldn't!

As a pet parent, it can be overwhelming to decide what to feed your pets to give them the proper nutrition they need to live healthy, vibrant lives. We've developed customized nutrition plans designed specifically for your pet's unique needs to help them thrive in life.

Simply tell us about your pet by completing your pet's profile. Based on the information you provide, we will recommend a customized nutrition plan unique to your dog's specific needs. This plan will consist of one of our proprietary pet food recipes and other supplements that work synergistically to optimize your dog's health based on his unique needs. Our recommendation is created from an algorithm developed by our experienced Veterinarians and Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition, and is designed to generate customized recommendations based on your pet's profile.

It's that simple! pawTree takes the guesswork out of pet nutrition.



What Pet Parents are Saying

"OK, I am completely sold on your products. Daisy, my dog with the long history of itchy skin, seems to be completely cured. We?ve only been using your dog food and supplements for a little over a week. In that time, she?s gone from scratching herself repeatedly throughout the day to not scratching at all. Her coat has gotten much softer and she?s become much more playful since we started using your products. Thanks for insisting that I use the full line of products. The combination of dog food, fish oil, Gastro Pro Plus, and Joint Support Plus have worked wonders. I?m now a loyal customer, and I?m so happy that your products have made my dog?s life so much more enjoyable."


"Before pawTree our dog Cinna would scratch her armpits raw, she was constantly itchy all over and wouldn't stop licking her paws. Within days of starting to transition her over to her pawTree food and adding the Wild Alaskan Fish Oil into her diet, there was a noticeable difference in her discomfort level. She's been on the food and oil supplements exclusively for 2 months now and there has been a drastic improvement in her allergy symptoms. We no longer have to give her steroids and anti-histamines daily, which are not good for her health, just to make her temporarily comfortable. Thanks to pawTree, we know we are giving our Cinna Bear the healthiest life possible!"


"I love Monroe's customized nutrition plan. I've always wondered if I was feeding the right stuff because there's so much out there to choose from. Now I don't have to guess anymore if what she's eating is right for her, because pawTree developed a plan based on what Monroe actually needs to keep her healthy. pawTree's like a partner in Monroe's care."


"Until I learned about pawTree, I was frustrated with what to do for Piper. I mean, he tended to lick at his paws a lot, had really bad breath, and was a little chubby - oh yeah, and passed gas too! Now all of these problems are gone because of this new plan he's on with pawTree. I can't believe the difference this has made!"


"This concept is great! Not only is Zeke eating right, but I never have to go to the store anymore, because Zeke's food is delivered right to my door. Just when I need it! I don't know how they do it! I can now spend more time with my family, and of course Zeke!"


"pawTree products come right to my door, are easy to use, and so very, very good for my little dog Gordito. The food and supplements are perfectly mixed for his breed and his age. I know I can count on them to provide me with the very best food, supplements and treats to meet his nutritional needs in the best way possible. It takes the worry out of determining what brand of food would best suit him. I love pawTree, but not as much as I love my little fella!"


"I was ecstatic to find a company that mirrored my passion for animal wellness. Being from a rural area, there are not a lot of resources for pet owners like myself that consider pet nutrition a priority. To have the ability to get food for my dogs that satisfies their specific health and wellness needs was HUGE to me. Anything that I can do to improve their quality and length of life will not only enrich their lives, but also the lives of my family members that love them so much! In addition to the customized pet food, I found the variety of other pet products to far exceed that of our local retailers. I have been pleased with the quality of all products I have purchased from pawTree."